Wednesday, July 1, 2009

If I had a nickel for every newspaper they have collected...

So it's been an interesting week with my two team members I've now dubbed "the trash collectors." We were told to collect as many newspapers as we can and have them recycled. Well, the trash collectors have really taken this mission to heart. I don't want to give away all of their methods-it is a competition, you know-but they have become obsessed with picking up every raggedy old piece of newspaper they find. Personally, I'm glad I don't live with them because I'm sure their house is overflowing with things that are "black and white and read all over" as the old joke goes...after we've completed this mission, I'll give away all of our secrets, but for now, mum's the word.
Okay, as if the newspaper collecting wasn't crazy enough (yes I am a super supporter of recycling-don't give me a hard time! Hey, if I weren't fuzzy and white, I'd be green-haha...get the QMIX fireworks show is coming up on the 3rd and they've come up with these crazy, somewhat embarrassing costumes to wear. I, however, will be going as my already-so patriotic self (with my ear muffs on-loud noises scare me!) If I know James and Kim though they'll come up with something to include me in this crazy game.

And I know they just moved here and they are enjoying participating in all the events and activities, but they are really starting to wear me out. Just last weekend alonf, they made their 2nd visit to the Fair on the Square Farmers' Market,

a swim at Donner Park's pool, an educational experience at the Historical Columbus Display at the Donner Park Shelter House and a "play-date" at the AMAZING Freedom Field Playground at Chapman T. Blackwell III Park behind Parkside Elementary School. I have never seen anything like it! Even I had to loosen up for a minute to take a spin on the swaying boat/car thingy.

You know, I may be exhausted,but I am really learning a lot about this town and I'm seeing a side of Columbus that I never knew with these two Columbus newbies dragging me all around. I'll keep you posted on my adventures with James and Kim as they happen...if I can keep up!

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