Monday, July 6, 2009

Boom Boom Pow....I need my earmuffs now....

On July 3rd, James, Kim and I (Cocoa, the amazing Furby, of course!) attended the QMIX 107.3 Rockstars and Stripes Fireworks Show. Sounds like it could be fun, right? You don't know the half of it...

So I started off the evening watching these overgrown adolescents attempt to paint their faces in the style of KISS band members Paul Stanley and Peter Criss, only in a patriotic theme of red white and blue. To complete the patriotic theme of the costume, they wore t-shirts they had decorated and hats they had made with blue shorts and painfully white socks and shoes. This is what they looked like....

As if their costumes weren't enough, they decided I should be decked out patriotic-style, so they proceeded to place red and blue shiny stickers all over my nice white fur.

Well, I suppose I looked pretty cool, so that part was alright...

So the first thing on the agenda was to go visit the QMIX Crew, Nikki G, Brittany Gray and Keith Maddox. We got a little turned around on the way there and this really nice parking attendant sent us in the right direction...

Finally, we got to see the QMIX Crew and get our picture taken with them.....

That part was pretty cool too! I hear them on the radio all the time-Kim hasn't stopped listening to QMIX 107.3 since she and James moved down here. They were all super nice...even if we did look kind of goofy.

Next, we headed to hang out with the Columbus Young Professionals.

When we got to the party location there were so many other people dressed up in funny costumes that I didn't feel so self-conscious anymore.

I even met a boy who I had sooooo much in common with! He was dressed up in stars just like me!

There were people cooking out at the party....yum. They had the biggest hot dogs I've ever seen! 22 inches long!

I had to have a bite and so did James and Kim!

The CYP people also roasted marshmallows and made Smore's....double yum! There was chatting and laughing and dancing-all building up to the QMIX fireworks set to music. They were so loud and absolutely beautiful!

This was an amazing night and it really made me appreciate Kim and James and the CYP people and this Amazing Race that is taking us so many places to see so many things that we may not have seen otherwise. I heard a song playing while the fireworks were going on and in it, this man said "I'm proud to be an American where at least I know I'm free and I won't forget the men who died who gave that right to me..." and this really made me think...all the food and new friends and costumes and fireworks made this day really fun, but the true reason behind the celebration was the fact that we are FREE to CELEBRATE! I understand now!

I will never forget this 4th of July, Independence Day.

Thank you Kim and James and CYP Amazing Race!

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